Carrier-grade solutions & operational efficiency at scale​

Who We Are

Clearspan™ is an innovative communication and collaboration company that delivers superior client experiences and operational efficiency at scale.

Our History - 42 Years & Counting
Our heritage is defined by innovation. And we're not done yet.
Intecom founded via funding from Exxon
Intecom acquired by Wang Technologies to compete with IBM Rolm
Matra Communications acquires Intecom from Wang Technologies
Matra's Intecom creates Incite to focus on data networking
Matra's Intecom creates Selsius and embeds call control into TCP IP packets
Cisco acquires Selsius to create Skinny protocol and Cisco Call Manager
EADS Telecom acquires Intecom from Matra
Aastra acquires EADS Telecom, including Intecom
Aastra's Intecom creates Clearspan : scalable cloud-based carrier-grade communications platform
Mitel acquires Aastra, including Clearspan
Searchlight Capital acquires Mitel, including Clearspan
Searchlight Capital Partners and Abry Partners join forces to complete
Clearspan carve-out
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Clearspan becomes a standalone company - exclusively focused on powering the worlds leading service providers and largest organizations with next generation communication and collaboration solutions
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What We Do

We help service providers and large organizations transform the way people work and the way administrators provision, manage, and support.




Our Single Pane of Glass

Clearspan OpEasy™ simplifies provisioning, management, and administration, and delivers the reporting, analytics, and monitoring required to make informed business decisions.

We don't shy away from hard problems.

We solve them.

Our Approach

Customer Engagement Lifecycle

Leveraging decades of experience and a rich set of application programming interfaces (APIs), we can customize solutions to achieve desired business outcomes.  Enabling real-time integrations with both modern and legacy applications (even home-grown applications), we optimize solutions for today – and evolve them as your needs change.

Sometimes you need more than a vendor –
you need a partner.

Our Customers

We exclusively focus on the world’s largest organizations including:


While every Clearspan customer faces unique challenges, requirements, and objectives, they all share common goals when it comes to their communications solution: scalable, reliable, integrated, secure, and, of course, easy to manage

Why Clients Choose Clearspan

Platform as a Service

All of the communication and collaboration applications your users need, optimized for your unique organization.

Carrier Grade Reliability

All solution elements can be deployed across geographically distinct locations for full redundancy and 99.999 reliability.

Customizable by Design

Large organizations have complex requirements – don’t settle for a one size fits all solution.

Flexible Deployment Models

Migrate at your pace and on your time table with flexible Clearspan PaaS, private cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployment models.

Built for Scale

Fully integrated platform exclusively architected for large scale deployments.

Lowest TCO

Upfront and recurring savings combined with gains in operational efficiency yields lowest the TCO in the industry.

Operationally Efficient

OpEasy™ single pane of glass management layer delivers compete control and unparalleled operational efficiency @scale.

No Vendor Lock In

Replace complex, isolated solutions with a standards based, unified solution, all while protecting your existing investments.

Our Vision

The way we work is forever evolving – and the journey is never ending.

Clearspan’s innovation agenda is driven through the customer lens. We believe the key to unlocking the true potential of today’s mobile first world requires the seamless bridging of next generation communication apps with existing carrier grade cloud communication platforms.

Our vision is keenly focused on intelligently blending leading edge applications with our core communications platform to enable greater agility, flexibility and control – for end users and administrators alike.

Our Executive Team

We exclusively focus on creating innovative solutions for leading services providers and the world’s largest organizations.

Bill Crank

Chief Executive Officer
Bill brings over 30 years of executive experience in the telecommunications industry. As CEO of Dialogic, Bill transformed the company’s business model, returning the company to profitable growth while eliminating all debt before being acquired by Enghouse Networks. Prior to Clearspan and Dialogic, Bill held senior executive roles at Natural Convergence, Ubiquity Software, CI Wireless, and Ortel.

David Chambers

Chief Service Architect
David Chambers created Clearspan through its predecessor Pointspan. David holds four patents, and applies over 35 years of industry and technology experience to Clearspan’s platform design and architecture, compliance and security and solution customization. Previously, Mr. Chambers held numerous senior technical roles with Aastra, EADS Telecom, Intecom and Texas Instruments, and Geophysical Service Inc.   

Kurt Whitcher

Vice President of Operations
Kurt oversees the companies operational team and ensures a world-class service for Clearspan customers.  Prior to Clearspan, Kurt held senior leadership positions at, Allegiance Telecom, ARES Security Corp., and USConnect Holdings. He earned an MBA in Finance from Louisiana State University and a B.S. in business administration from Faulkner University and served 9 years in the Marine Corps and the Air Force.

John Dumbleton

Chief Operating Officer
Chief Marketing Officer
John brings over 30 years of executive experience in the telecommunications and technology industries and oversee all operations, marketing, product, and strategic development activities.   Prior to joining Clearspan, John held various executive positions at Masergy, McLeodUSA, Allegiance Telecom, and MCI.  John holds an MBA and a bachelor of science in industrial engineering, both from Virginia Tech.

John Haynes

Chief Information Officer
John is a seasoned information technology professional with more than 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry.  He is responsible for all internal IT strategy, delivery, and support, supporting the companies innovation agenda. Prior to joining Clearspan, John held leadership roles with Comcast Business, Masergy Communications, MetroPCS, Level 3, Allegiance Telecom and XO Communications.

Steve Anderson

Vice President of Sales
Steve is responsible for global sales and business development. Steve brings over 25 years’ of executive sales management at both start-ups and Fortune 500 corporations. Prior to joining Clearspan, Steve held positions at Vidyo, Oracle, Natural Convergence Inc, Ubiquity Software, and 3Com’s Carrier Division. Steve holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance from the University at Albany.

Chris Boulton

Chief Technology Officer
Chris is responsible for technical direction of the company’s solutions.  Chris brings over 20 years’ experience involved with the evolution of Voice Over IP(VOIP) and leading edge Unified Communications technologies. Prior to joining Clearspan, Chris held various positions at Ubiquity Software, Avaya, and NS-Technologies, and has made significant contributions to IETF and JCP, publishing numerous standards.

Jim Alpaugh

Vice President of Finance
Jim's responsibilities include management of financial operations and financial planning and analysis. Jim brings over 25 years of experience in various financial roles in the telecommunications and technology industry. Prior to joining Clearspan, Jim held various executive positions at Dialogic and Avaya.  Jim holds an MBA and a bachelor of science in finance, both from Rider University.

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DON’T SETTLE for a One Size Fits All Solution.

News & Updates

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Confessions of a CTO

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